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Laundry consulting, due diligence, buyer representation: We preview laundries for you and evaluate them. 28 years laundry industry experience: buying, selling, valuing, retooling, analyzing, consulting services for laundry buyers and entrepreneurs in California. Contact us today about our services.

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Article/Blog:  Buying A Coin Laundry - What All Buyers Need To Know

Buying a coin laundry like other types of small business purchases has its nuances. Chuck Post a laundry specialist specializing in assisting those selling and buying coin laundries shares his knowledge with coin laundry buyers and what to watch out for when searching for and buying laundromats. Contributor: Chuck Post

Article/Blog:  FREE Online Webinar: For Laundry Buyers - How To Buy A California Laundry

Chuck Post hosts this live FREE online webinar on Buying A California Laundry. The next online webinar is coming soon. Have your questions ready for an open and honest discussion about both the Pro & Cons of the Vended Laundry Business. RSVP or for more info phone Chuck at 619-227-5711 direct. Contributor: Chuck Post

Article/Blog:  Laundromat Expert Discusses: What Is The Future Of The Laundry Business?

The answer is that success lies in the control of the Laundry Operator who is willing to address the questions and make the modifications to better service today's service conscious customers. For those that pay attention and take action the future looks better than ever. Contributor: Chuck Post

Article/Blog:  Are You Making Money In Your Laundry Investment?

Serving California laundry owners and investors, I am afforded the opportunity to see and analyze why various laundries make or lose money. Time and time again my associates and I work with our laundry clients analyzing what the true value of their laundry is and what can be done to improve it. Contributor: Chuck Post

Article/Blog:  Investing In A Laundry Business: Two Methods For Buyers Of Laundromats

When investing in a laundry business, there are two methods. One is preferred, but the other is far more common. If you are considering entering into a new industry, like most now entering the laundry industry, you want to have a good understanding of both opportunities. Chuck Post explores both. Contributor: Chuck Post

For Sale:  Card Laundry - Great Cash Flow, Financing - San Fernando Valley

This 6,000 Square Foot Card Stand alone laundry with ample parking both on private lot and street. The laundry is under 10 years old and all equipment is in good and well maintained condition.The lay out is spacious, The laundry is beautifully designed and also has vaulted ceilings.   Posting #: 260413

Article/Blog:  BizBen Podcast & Webinar: Chuck Post Interview On Buying A Laundry

With 25 years of experience buying, selling, valuing, retooling, analyzing and giving expert court testimony about coin laundries, Chuck Post is one of the nation's leading experts in the field and shares his wisdom on starting, buying, and running laundries on this BizBen Podcast & Webinar. Contributor: Chuck Post

Article/Blog:  The Laundry Lease: 4 Big Issues For Buyers And Sellers

The laundry lease is undoubtedly of the highest element of value of the laundry investment. It is critical to get and to keep your lease in line with the operating model that is intended for your laundry. Chuck Post, laundry consultant and broker covers this topic in this BizBen blog post. Contributor: Chuck Post

For Sale:  Coin Laundry - Self Service - South Area San Diego County

This self-service coin-op laundry, is extremely well-located and is cash flows very well. The longtime owner is retiring and offering his business for sale. The seller may also be willing to carry up to a half of the purchase price with in return for a reasonable note to a qualified buyer.   Posting #: 260105

Article/Blog:  Due Diligence - Buyers Role When Buying A Coin Laundry

What is the extent of the buyer's obligation to investigate a business before purchasing it? Chuck Post a specialist in assisting buyers and sellers with coin laundries in California explores his views on laundry due-diligence. Contributor: Chuck Post

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