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Willard Michlin is a business broker for 23 years. As a CPA & Certified Fraud Examiner, he works with buyers to get a FREE market valuation as well as full industry & financial due diligence on businesses they are interested in buying. He also offers FREE do-it-yourself due diligence training.

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Willard Michlin, CPA, Due Diligence

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Article/Blog:  Differences Between Business Appraisers, CPAs, Due Diligence Experts

Differences between a Business Appraiser, CPA auditor and Due Diligence Expert? Here are some insights that will be useful for someone engaged in, or planning to conduct due diligence when buying a small business. Willard Michlin, CPA explains the differences between these resources. Contributor: Willard Michlin, CPA

Article/Blog:  FREE Seminar: 3 Part Series - Buying And Selling A Small Business

Willard Michlin, CPA conducts this FREE live seminar in Seal Beach about the processes of buying & selling a business. It's also about what you need to know in order to properly buy or sell a business. Participants should RSVP by calling 805-428-2063 & the address to this workshop. Contributor: Willard Michlin, CPA

Article/Blog:  Workshop: How To Find Profitable Businesses Not On The Market

This workshop is designed for business buyers, it covers: Learn how to choose an industry, Learn what industries promise you the highest probability of success. Learn how to develop a private list of possible prospects, plus much more. Call 805-428-2063 for info and to RSVP. Contributor: Willard Michlin, CPA

Resource:  Willard Michlin, CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner, Due Diligence

Willard Michlin, CPA #106752, offers buyers step by step training & assistance in doing Due Diligence Services when they are thinking of making an offer, or are in process of investigating a business purchase. He helps to determine the actual net profit even when there is cash. Call 805-428-2063.

Article/Blog:  Case Study: Key Items To Watch Out For When Buying A Dry Cleaning Business

This is a case study of one of his diligence assignments regarding a dry cleaners for sale in Los Angeles County, California. Willard Michlin, CPA discusses a recent due diligence assignment for a business buyer and what mistakes and miscues many of the participants in this transaction / deal made. Contributor: Willard Michlin, CPA

Article/Blog:  Should You Do Due Diligence Yourself When Buying A Business?

Willard Michlin, CPA, CFE chats about why you can do a large portion of the due diligence yourself, depending on your background, but you should never try to do it solely on your own. In this article he explores ways business buyers get themselves into trouble and avoiding trouble. Contributor: Willard Michlin, CPA

Article/Blog:  Should You Knowingly Overpay For A Small Business Purchase?

Willard Michlin, CPA discusses why business buyers sometimes overpay to buy a small business and how to look at a deal and make sure you don't overpay to purchase a business. Contributor: Willard Michlin, CPA

Article/Blog:  Making A Fast Food Business So That It Virtually Prints Money

Fully half of all the businesses that are sold are retail food restaurants. This includes franchise, non-franchise, sandwich shops, bagel shops, coffee shops, as well as good old fashioned sit-down restaurants. Willard Michlin, CPA discusses his thoughts on buying & selling fast food businesses. Contributor: Willard Michlin, CPA

Article/Blog:  Find Your Passion In Your Work When Buying A Business

Willard Michlin, CPA a California due diligence consultant discusses finding that passion about your work when buying a small business. In this article he explores how to tap into that passion when searching for and buying your special California small business. Contributor: Willard Michlin, CPA

Resource:  Willard Michlin, CPA, Business Broker, Southern California

The purpose of the Kismet Business Brokers is to connect up sellers and buyers for their mutual benefit. With 30 years experience in the field of real estate and finance and a vast array of other fields, Kismet is uniquely qualified to render assistance.

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