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Cheryl Maloney, Business Brokerage Services: City Of San Francisco

Name: Cheryl Maloney

Company: Vangaurd San Francisco

Phone: 415-309-2722 Cell, 415-309-2722 Text

Area(s) Served: City Of San Francisco

I am a city of San Francisco business broker specializing in the buying and selling of San Francisco bars, restaurants, salons, spas, retailers, etc.

In addition to owning my own business I bring my 30 years of work experience in the food and beverage industry to each and every one of my transactions. Every one of my buyers and sellers is guided and protected during all stages of their buying and selling process. There are so many crucial factors that need to be considered and evaluated when selling or purchasing a small business. The food and beverage industry is like no other business. Purchasing the right business is crucial to your success in addition to knowing the right audience and proper strategy to take when selling. I also have a law degree that provides you added assurance and protection during the buying and selling process.

What do I bring to my owner/sellers?

Outstanding marketing to provide the largest targeted audience to view your business for sale. My marketing will reach thousands of potential buyers and my insight into the work and right fit needed to ensure a successful sale and future of your business. Each business is unique and needs the right owner to make it thrive. By combining my knowledge and experience in small business along with what is needed for a bar or restaurant to thrive and the ability to be creative and provide solutions along the way is what value I bring to my each of my sellers.

What to I bring to my business buyers?

Protection and knowledge of the ins and outs that make a small business succeed. Finding the right business for each buyers concept and to make that concept have the best possible chance for full success. Each transaction will be provided with the best possible strategy to enter into a sales contract and continue through to the closing process process smoothly.

For both my buyers and sellers its not just another transaction; we work as a team and build a relationship throughout the process to ensure the best chance possible to make your dream of buying a small business come true and protecting your hard work by getting the best possible price for the business you are selling.

I love what I do so let me let it work for you!

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