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California Business For Sale Deal Count Best In Five Years Says BizBen Index
More business for sale offerings in California have been sold so far this year than at this point in any of the past seven years according to the BizBen Index. The company said a total of 5,120 business transactions through the first four months of 2015 includes the count of 1,193 sales last month.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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BizBen Index: 15 Percent Rise In Completed Business Sales In February 2015
California Business For Sale Opportunities were sold at a 15% higher rate last month compared to the previous February. The total of 1,331 completed deals on small and mid-sized businesses throughout the state marks the best showing for the month since February 2009, according to the BizBen Index.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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310 California Businesses For Sale Stats: 1/12-1/18 2009
310 California businesses were sold by business owners of small businesses, business brokers, & real estate agents for the week of January 12, 2009 and January 18, 2009.  
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SBA Loan Size Standards Kill RV Dealership Purchase & Financing
Today I received a call from a potential business buyer who had industry experience was trying to buy a RV dealership and needed financing to complete his transaction. In the eyes of the SBA his small business was too big to qualify for business purchase financing.  
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2014 Will Be A Good Year For Small Business Sales
I predict 2014 to be a good year for small businesses. Not only for small business owners who want to continue running their company but also for those owners who plan to sell. There is a new wave of Entrepreneurs ready to take the step toward business ownership & 2014 may be the perfect time.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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HVAC Business For Sale Central Valley

5 New Years Resolutions Every Small Business Owner Should Make
The beginning of a new year is a great time to review your business from the past year. It's a time to reflect on your successes and short falls & determine how to increase the former while minimizing the latter. There are typically five areas small businesses can focus on to improve their business.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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Increase In 2013 Deals: A Good Sign For 2014 Business Transactions
The number of completed deals on California business for sale offerings reached 14,764 last year, up over the 14,368 sales posted in 2012, according to figures released by the BizBen Index. An increase in sales also was posted last month, vs. December 2012, representing a good sign for 2014 sales.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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November Tally of Small California Business Deals Increases 2.9%, Says BizBen Index
The total of 1,052 small and mid-sized California business for sale transactions closed last month represents a 2.9 percent rise in deal count compared to the figures posted the same month last year, according to the BizBen Index. But this is disappointing growth in a market that still has problems.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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September Total Of California Business for Sale Deals Increase - Index
More business for sale transactions were completed in California last month than in September 2012, according to the BizBen Index. The company said 1,336 small and mid-sized companies throughout the state changed hands in the just completed month, up 8.4 percent from 1,232 deals last September.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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Count of California Business For Sale Deals Up 21.9% in August, Says BizBen Index
The count of California business for sale deals was up by 21.9% to 1,137 companies sold, compared to the 932 transactions recorded in August 2012, it was reported by the BizBen Index. The company also said the state's year-to-date sales reached 9,830, the best total since the 2009 count of 9,865.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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Health Care Broker Ralph Santos

Helpful Resources To Assist In Selling And Buying California Businesses
Robert Cunio, Business Broker - San Diego County

Transworld Business Advisors is the world leader in the marketing and sales of businesses, franchises and commercial real estate. Robert Cunio is owner/president of the San Diego Transworld franchise, a CBI, CBB and MBA. He has extensive experience in working with both buyers and sellers.

AJ Rana - Business Broker, San Francisco Bay Area

Professionals who understand the importance of world class business brokerage service and the value it can create. Specializing in assisting sellers and buyers with retail stores, restaurants, hospitality & lodging, manufacturing operations, distribution companies, e-commerce and service businesses.

Norman Kim, Business Broker: LA, Orange Counties, Inland Empire

I am currently specializing in Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino County. Mainly focusing on retail business listings. Specifically, specializing in gas stations, liquor stores, beer & wine markets, coin laundries, and car washes.

Larry Willis, Business Broker, at The Independence Group

The Independence Group offers you one complete source for answers, advice and solutions for selling or buying a business, as well as provide extensive consultation services. Whether you are buying or selling, The Independence Group can make the difference between a good deal and a bad one. Learn ...

Matt Olufs, Business Broker: Santa Barbara County

Compass First is the industry's leading specialist for buying or selling a business. Drawing from a strong industry experience, our agents provide a streamlined system for marketing locations, qualifying buyers, and navigating potential pitfalls through the transfer process.

Wes Brown, Business Broker - Sacramento Area

Serves Placer, El Dorado And Sacramento Counties. We Provide Commercial, Residential And Business Brokering Services. Our Team Of Business Brokers Each Has Owned And Operated Businesses, And Have Invaluable Insights They Can Pass Along To Both Buyers And Sellers.

Alex Ayzin, MBA, Business Broker, at Frontier International LLC

I have been a licensed agent since 1985. I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree and MBA from SUNY Maritime College. My 25 years of work experience include working as an marine engineer and a power plant operations manager at Con Edison Co. of New York.

Hung Hoang, Business Broker, at New Empire Realty

Business brokerage services in the LA area.

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