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More Entrepreneurs Purchase A Small Business In California In February
An increase in the number of California buyers who managed to purchase a business last month, compared to the sales statistics posted in February of 2009, confirms that market activity is on a growth pattern, though it is slow. The hurdles haven't disappeared, but California's resourceful entrepreneurs are finding more ways to complete deals.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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Climb in May Sales of Small California Businesses
This year's trend, showing an increase in each month's number of sales of small and mid-market businesses in California, continues with more completed transactions in May 2009.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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California Business For Sale Deal Count Best In Five Years Says BizBen Index
More business for sale offerings in California have been sold so far this year than at this point in any of the past seven years according to the BizBen Index. The company said a total of 5,120 business transactions through the first four months of 2015 includes the count of 1,193 sales last month.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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Increase In 2013 Deals: A Good Sign For 2014 Business Transactions
The number of completed deals on California business for sale offerings reached 14,764 last year, up over the 14,368 sales posted in 2012, according to figures released by the BizBen Index. An increase in sales also was posted last month, vs. December 2012, representing a good sign for 2014 sales.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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November Tally of Small California Business Deals Increases 2.9%, Says BizBen Index
The total of 1,052 small and mid-sized California business for sale transactions closed last month represents a 2.9 percent rise in deal count compared to the figures posted the same month last year, according to the BizBen Index. But this is disappointing growth in a market that still has problems.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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Joe Ranieri Orange County Business Broker

September Total Of California Business for Sale Deals Increase - Index
More business for sale transactions were completed in California last month than in September 2012, according to the BizBen Index. The company said 1,336 small and mid-sized companies throughout the state changed hands in the just completed month, up 8.4 percent from 1,232 deals last September.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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Count of California Business For Sale Deals Up 21.9% in August, Says BizBen Index
The count of California business for sale deals was up by 21.9% to 1,137 companies sold, compared to the 932 transactions recorded in August 2012, it was reported by the BizBen Index. The company also said the state's year-to-date sales reached 9,830, the best total since the 2009 count of 9,865.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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The 1,327 total of small and mid-sized California business for sale offerings that changed hands last month represents a ten percent increase from the 1,206 businesses that were transferred the previous July. Better prepared buyers and sellers are responsible for some of the growth in deal volume.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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Business for Sale Deals In California Decline During June, Says Index
A decline was reported in the number of California small business for sale offerings that were purchased last month compared to June 2012, according to the BizBen Index. The company also said there were more transactions this year to date than in the first six months last year. Various causes cited.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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May Sales Of California Small Businesses Increase 11.7% From 2012
The number of business for sale offerings converted to completed deals last month increased by 11.7% over the business sales total in May of last year, said the Index. The Index reported that the May 2013 sale count was 1,279 compared to 1,145 transactions closed in May 2012.  By Peter Siegel, MBA   View All Peter Siegel, MBA Blog Posts
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SF Bay Area Business Broker Manjit Singh

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